About Barb…

Greetings, my fellow brothers and sisters on the planet! My name is Barbara and I offer you a deeper way of looking at life perhaps – I am a wife of over forty-two years, a mother of five amazing adults who are all married to equally amazing, and complimentary spouses. Our grandchildren are beautiful and funny and a great source of joy.

By day I prepare couples for marriage in the Catholic Church. As well as coach, comfort, teach, and encourage those who are struggling in theirs.

I love the life I have been blessed to lead and the great work God has called me to do. Having six decades (wow, hard to type that) under my belt, gives me a particular wisdom and experience to see the world through the lens of time and the critical importance of faith.

I am providing here a collection of reflections I have written over thirty years as well as fresh and new thoughts. I originally was published through Today’s Catholic Woman, and then later through Catholiclane.com where some of my articles are archived. They encompass my observations of family life, marriage, and personal experiences. It’s been a wild ride, this life of mine. Who would have ever guessed all that I have seen and experienced, the beautiful and mundane, horrific and painful. Yet, the Lord has allowed me a bit more time for a reason, and I intend to use it well……you should too!

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