Our third son married his beloved fiancee just over 5 years ago now. What a beautiful day it was. Everything was perfect. Family and friends were in town from both sides, and great jubilation saturated the air.  The weeks leading up to the wedding were filled with expectation and busyness. I remember a prayer I had raisedContinue reading “Unexpected”

The Law of the Herd

By: Barbara Lishko I love the holidays. What an awesome opportunity it presents to get our large family together.  This past Thanksgiving, we were especially blessed to be in full force with all twenty-nine of us.  The two military boys and eight college students had graced us with their presence.  Additionally, several of the teensContinue reading “The Law of the Herd”

Feeling A little Like Job

A couple of months ago I was having lunch with some friends. Remember what that felt like? Most of us have been quarantined for weeks now due to the COVID 19 breakout and global pandemic. Just two months ago, no one could have guessed that something invisible to the naked eye, would cause so muchContinue reading “Feeling A little Like Job”

Exercise Hostage Crisis

By: Barbara Lishko I know full well that I am supposed to be exercising on a regular basis. I’ve heard all of the arguments in favor of why one should be dutiful to the cause and yet; time after time I let my brain hold my backside hostage. It takes very little effort really. MyContinue reading “Exercise Hostage Crisis”

A Burning Heart

There are many and varied images that we see of Jesus Christ and one that seems to cause the greatest curiosity may be the Sacred Heart image. This is the image where Jesus is pulling back his cloak to reveal his heart which is flaming and surrounded by a crown of thorns. Jesus appeared toContinue reading “A Burning Heart”