The Maternal Heart

As I age and have more life behind me than in front of me, I find myself in my deepest emotional and physical pain, identifying most intensely with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here is the woman who in her own Earthly life experienced so much suffering through her fiat. God designed woman in a particularlyContinue reading “The Maternal Heart”

Hang in There

I remember bringing a meal and spending time visiting a friend of mine who was having another bout with cancer a few years ago. In a strange turn of events, months later it was that same friend who brought dinner to me as I recovered from a hospitalization. Just two years ago, I stood atContinue reading “Hang in There”

Escaping Our Own Gravity

We are halfway through our collective efforts to grow in holiness through the Journey Toward Holiness campaign. “What’s that”, you query? It is a Divinely inspired initiative we have launched to help us form habits that lead to holiness. You can read more about it here and if you want to sign up, you areContinue reading “Escaping Our Own Gravity”

To Each According to His Ability

I sit staring at my one-eyed gingerbread man who I have managed to dismember piece by piece. He is delicious by the way. When I contemplate my own talents, I get a sense of what they are as I look back at my life. If the “inability to say no” is a talent, I haveContinue reading “To Each According to His Ability”

Mary, Mary Quite Extraordinary

He approached the table where I was seated and took the seat next to mine posing a question about how I knew that Mary really interceded in my life, and could the blessings I encountered really be possible? Perhaps, I could give him some “concrete examples?” I had just finished giving a little personal testimonyContinue reading “Mary, Mary Quite Extraordinary”