To Each According to His Ability

I sit staring at my one-eyed gingerbread man who I have managed to dismember piece by piece. He is delicious by the way. When I contemplate my own talents, I get a sense of what they are as I look back at my life. If the “inability to say no” is a talent, I haveContinue reading “To Each According to His Ability”

Mary, Mary Quite Extraordinary

He approached the table where I was seated and took the seat next to mine posing a question about how I knew that Mary really interceded in my life, and could the blessings I encountered really be possible? Perhaps, I could give him some “concrete examples?” I had just finished giving a little personal testimonyContinue reading “Mary, Mary Quite Extraordinary”

Old Hairy Legs Has Us in His Sights

It is Halloween 2020. Frankly, I feel like we have been living this crazy holiday nightmare for months. We have been wearing masks, dining out of bags we pick up outside of doors from other masked humans, and hope that the contents are safe to eat. I have observed over the last few years theContinue reading “Old Hairy Legs Has Us in His Sights”

Why I am Catholic

I had a lot of time as I recuperated to consider this question. I believe it is imperative for every Catholic to ponder personally as well. For me, foremost is the fact that Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity, was Incarnated, gathered to Himself and formed twelve unlikely candidates,  established His Church, showedContinue reading “Why I am Catholic”

The Difficult Conversation

What if at your next doctor’s appointment the conversation went something like this. Doctor: “How’s your diet? Getting enough exercise? Is that mole new? Where are you on the road to heaven?” Patient: “Excuse me, what? Did you ask about my son Devon?” Doctor: “I inquired about your whereabouts on the road leading to heaven.”Continue reading “The Difficult Conversation”