Loved and Beloved

What memory, if any, do you have of a time you felt completely loved? Not the mushy fleeting feelings of giddiness and butterflies. Rather, a deep abiding love not dependent on conditions. A love given exclusively for your own good. No strings attached. Parental love might be a good example, especially for their newborn children,Continue reading “Loved and Beloved”

What Makes a Marriage Sacramental?

Pt.3 /4 The previous articles covered what the Catechism and Sacred Scripture teach us about marriage and love. This week we will look at what makes a marriage sacramental. God provided all that was necessary to thrive for our first parents in the Garden of Eden; however, they chose instead to succumb to temptation fromContinue reading “What Makes a Marriage Sacramental?”

Why are we surprised?

Crap happens in more ways than one, metaphorically speaking. Perchance, you remember the popular bumper sticker a few years back that explicitly proclaimed that very thing. So why are we so surprised when it does? We can tend to live life deluding ourselves that somehow, we deserve roses and rainbows every day, complete with littleContinue reading “Why are we surprised?”

Motherhood is not for Wimps

I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with young moms a few evenings ago. I’ve been honored to call many of them friend. Their dedication to marriage and motherhood is heroic. I would include my own daughters and daughters-in-law in this category.  I am a mother of five married adults, grandmother of eleven kiddosContinue reading “Motherhood is not for Wimps”

For a Time Like This

I began the Bible in a Year podcast with Fr Mike Schmitz late last year. I have been plugging away (binging at times) and am pleased to report that I have reached day 278. Yeah me! I know it is still far off, but God’s timing is always perfect. I love that Fr Mike has often reminded us thatContinue reading “For a Time Like This”