An Understanding Heart

On Sunday we will hear about God appearing to young Solomon in a dream and say, “Ask something of me and I will give it to you.” Who needs the lottery! Solomon was granted what most of us can only wish for with the words “Ask anything…” The God who created the universe with merelyContinue reading “An Understanding Heart”

Plucking the Weeds of Sin

August 2016 If you have never visited the southwest you might not think anything grows here that doesn’t have a thorn. Our yard, like most in the desert, is a mixture of stone, grass, succulents and tropical plants. Now it goes without saying that water is a rare and precious commodity, so you might questionContinue reading “Plucking the Weeds of Sin”

Weeds In the Garden

May 2010 After the generous spring rains here in Phoenix, we have been blessed with an array of beautiful wildflowers and a rare green hue covering the mountainsides. We also have been overwrought with an abundance of weeds. One must take the good with the bad as they say. Pondering the beauty that lay beforeContinue reading “Weeds In the Garden”

In God We Trust

We are but a few days away from another Independence Day holiday. I dare say this one will be different than the previous sixty I have been alive to celebrate. This year has been something of a disaster and an opportunity for all of us worldwide. We have had restrictions thrust upon us that continueContinue reading “In God We Trust”

Where Are You?

These infamous words uttered by God in the Garden of Eden are as relevant today as then.  It was not as if God did not know where the newlyweds were hiding after their encounter with the serpent. Nor, that the temptation to eat from the forbidden fruit was too good for them to pass up.Continue reading “Where Are You?”