Just Poking Around This Lent

I got it my head to create a replica of the Crown of Thorns this Lent. You know, like the one Christ wore in His Passion and Crucifixion. Living in the desert we have lots of prickly things and thorns in abundance. I started with the trimmings from the beautiful bougainvillea bush; pretty to lookContinue reading “Just Poking Around This Lent”

Do You Smell That?

Listening to Relevant Radio today, Fr Richard Simon spoke about the need to be truly repentant for our sins. Sure, we say we are sorry and might even feel bad, but he suggests substituting the word “failed” instead of “sinned.” “Bless me Father for I have failed…”  Now that sheds a whole new light onContinue reading “Do You Smell That?”

And Who Is My Neighbor

It is a beautiful evening nearing sunset. The sky is ablaze with color, pinks and blues and greys. You can’t help but thank God for the eyes to see such beauty, and the legs to walk in freedom wherever you like. You are lost in thought as you round the corner out of your neighborhood.Continue reading “And Who Is My Neighbor”

Dusty Faces

Why is it Catholics go through all the hoopla each Lent starting with getting a smudge of ashes on our foreheads? We look ridiculous as the miniscule particles fall like ashen snowflakes on our nose and cheeks creating sometimes unintended comical effects. However, I must ask, what is the point if we only go throughContinue reading “Dusty Faces”