Over the years with the continual alteration of the English language, we realized for a short time that sick was cool, the latest rendition of dope means neither dense nor drugs, and “spilling the tea” has nothing to do with the common drink. “Rotten” however, still means decaying, putrid, and bad. Why the vocabulary lesson?Continue reading “Rotten”

From Flocking Mad to a Flock in Prayer

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about faithful Catholics feeling rather abandoned by their shepherds during this past year.  My article “Flocking Mad, An Open Letter to Catholic Priests and Bishops,” was read by thousands with much feedback echoing comparable sentiments. Through comments, personal and public, people from all over shared howContinue reading “From Flocking Mad to a Flock in Prayer”

Flocking Mad, An Open Letter to our Catholic Priests and Bishops

Greetings from the pasture! I thought I would reach out and apprise you about life from your sheeple’s perspective after being devastated from every angle. Perhaps you may think you know what it is like down here in the pasture–based on vetted emails, random blogs, or confessions (if you are doing those). You do not. We no more knowContinue reading “Flocking Mad, An Open Letter to our Catholic Priests and Bishops”

Beloved Dirt

Your plan so grand to fill the earth, with sea, and sky, sand, and dirt. Reptile, mammal, and wild beast, predator, and prey, greatest and least. Then scooped into your mighty hand, the dirt that lay across the land To form a being unlike the rest, made in your Image, perfect and blessed. Into hisContinue reading “Beloved Dirt”