Bugs and Baseball Memories

It’s summertime again. Memories flood back to a time not so long ago, when all our children played ball.  We were living in Illinois and baseball is what you did with your children in the summer.  If they could lift a bat…they could play organized ball. For several summers, all five children played t-ball, baseball,Continue reading “Bugs and Baseball Memories”

Weeds In the Garden

May 2010 After the generous spring rains here in Phoenix, we have been blessed with an array of beautiful wildflowers and a rare green hue covering the mountainsides. We also have been overwrought with an abundance of weeds. One must take the good with the bad as they say. Pondering the beauty that lay beforeContinue reading “Weeds In the Garden”

Mothering the Masses

Being a mom for thirty-six years has had an effect in every aspect of my life.  I feel a real need at times, to mother the rest of humanity.  Everywhere I look, I see ways to mother people.  I cannot seem to help myself. The words just bubble up and I act without even processingContinue reading “Mothering the Masses”


Our third son married his beloved fiancee just over 5 years ago now. What a beautiful day it was. Everything was perfect. Family and friends were in town from both sides, and great jubilation saturated the air.  The weeks leading up to the wedding were filled with expectation and busyness. I remember a prayer I had raisedContinue reading “Unexpected”

The Law of the Herd

By: Barbara Lishko I love the holidays. What an awesome opportunity it presents to get our large family together.  This past Thanksgiving, we were especially blessed to be in full force with all twenty-nine of us.  The two military boys and eight college students had graced us with their presence.  Additionally, several of the teensContinue reading “The Law of the Herd”