Motherhood is not for Wimps

I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with young moms a few evenings ago. I’ve been honored to call many of them friend. Their dedication to marriage and motherhood is heroic. I would include my own daughters and daughters-in-law in this category.  I am a mother of five married adults, grandmother of eleven kiddosContinue reading “Motherhood is not for Wimps”


My children were convinced that I did not have a sense of fun or humor when they were growing up. I must admit that I took my job of mother a little too seriously. This is not to say that I anxiously hovered about them fraught with worry. No. It was more like I didContinue reading “Playtime”


Previously, in my One Mom to Another post I shared a few thoughts on motherhood. I’d like to expand more on this notion of not comparing ourselves to anyone. No woman compares to another. You are the only one of you. There will never ever be another you. Yet, we can spend a lot ofContinue reading “Incomparable”

Be Good To Yourself

My mother has been giving me this wise advice for decades. For many years I would smile and nod. You know the nod that respects the person giving the advice, but also concedes that they cannot fully understand the complexities of the situation. How could she? She raised five kids, was married to a paralyzedContinue reading “Be Good To Yourself”

From One Mom to Another

“This is my Body given up for you.” These are familiar words we hear during the consecration at every Mass. Jesus so desired to redeem us, that He allowed Himself to be immolated on our behalf. He held nothing back. In looking at the Crucifix we should have no doubt of the limit of HisContinue reading “From One Mom to Another”