In God We Trust

We are but a few days away from another Independence Day holiday. I dare say this one will be different than the previous sixty I have been alive to celebrate. This year has been something of a disaster and an opportunity for all of us worldwide. We have had restrictions thrust upon us that continueContinue reading “In God We Trust”

Do Whatever He Tells You

These famous words are the final words recorded in Scripture coming from the Blessed Virgin Mary. Remember the story in John 2:1-11, the Wedding Feast at Cana? Mary let her Son Jesus know that they had run out of wine. It was a big deal then and a big deal even today. One that wouldContinue reading “Do Whatever He Tells You”


Our third son married his beloved fiancee just over 5 years ago now. What a beautiful day it was. Everything was perfect. Family and friends were in town from both sides, and great jubilation¬†saturated¬†the air.¬† The weeks leading up to the wedding were filled with expectation and busyness. I remember a prayer I had raisedContinue reading “Unexpected”