Loved and Beloved

What memory, if any, do you have of a time you felt completely loved? Not the mushy fleeting feelings of giddiness and butterflies. Rather, a deep abiding love not dependent on conditions. A love given exclusively for your own good. No strings attached. Parental love might be a good example, especially for their newborn children,Continue reading “Loved and Beloved”

Au Revoir for Now

Retirement, that perplexing magical state of being, twirled in my head for months. I assumed I would have to wait until December when I reached the official number, which makes me eligible for Medicare. I remember sitting in Church a few months back when a somewhat random thought popped into my head… “Why not May?” IsContinue reading “Au Revoir for Now”

Marriage, it Takes a Lifetime

Pt 4/4 The world will change when we get love right, and it must begin first and foremost in marriage and family life. Marriage is not “fifty-fifty.” Divorce is. Love requires a one hundred percent gift from the spouses. Listen to the words of the vows, “in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, inContinue reading “Marriage, it Takes a Lifetime”

What Makes a Marriage Sacramental?

Pt.3 /4 The previous articles covered what the Catechism and Sacred Scripture teach us about marriage and love. This week we will look at what makes a marriage sacramental. God provided all that was necessary to thrive for our first parents in the Garden of Eden; however, they chose instead to succumb to temptation fromContinue reading “What Makes a Marriage Sacramental?”

To Love and Honor

Part 2/4 “Selfishness is the enemy of love,” writes Ven. Fulton J Sheen. It is a strong statement of truth that cannot be denied. Let’s talk about love, the greatly misunderstood four-letter word, and what it demands of married couples. Spoiler alert-men and women are different, and it is part of God’s plan. Our complementarityContinue reading “To Love and Honor”