The Imperfectly Perfect Tapestry

Each day in our life is a new thread, and a tiny piece of the great tapestry of human history. On some level we understand this theoretically. We know we can begin anew each day. God allows start-overs and U-turns. Oftentimes however we get caught up in what feels like a sticky web from whichContinue reading “The Imperfectly Perfect Tapestry”

In God We Trust

We are but a few days away from another Independence Day holiday. I dare say this one will be different than the previous sixty I have been alive to celebrate. This year has been something of a disaster and an opportunity for all of us worldwide. We have had restrictions thrust upon us that continueContinue reading “In God We Trust”

Where Are You?

These infamous words uttered by God in the Garden of Eden are as relevant today as then.  It was not as if God did not know where the newlyweds were hiding after their encounter with the serpent. Nor, that the temptation to eat from the forbidden fruit was too good for them to pass up.Continue reading “Where Are You?”


My children were convinced that I did not have a sense of fun or humor when they were growing up. I must admit that I took my job of mother a little too seriously. This is not to say that I anxiously hovered about them fraught with worry. No. It was more like I didContinue reading “Playtime”


Previously, in my One Mom to Another post I shared a few thoughts on motherhood. I’d like to expand more on this notion of not comparing ourselves to anyone. No woman compares to another. You are the only one of you. There will never ever be another you. Yet, we can spend a lot ofContinue reading “Incomparable”